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Earlier this year, Gold Coast girl Bella Davie competed in the IFBB Pro League and at the Queensland and NSW Arnold Qualifier in the Bikini Category. Fuelled by Gen-Tec Nutrition Supplements, she scooped the prize pool in her competitions, taking out:

1st in Bikini Juniors QLD

1st in Bikini First-Timers QLD

1st in Bikini Juniors NSW

Living on the Gold Coast and being part of a very fitness orientated family, it comes as no surprise that Bella discovered a passion for the fitness industry. Her dad, Gold Coast gym owner, Jon Davie and former Mr Olympia, encouraged her to try bodybuilding. Mum, Joeley Davie is the CEO of World Gym Australia, a group fitness coordinator, wellness and vegan advocate and spin cycle master. She is also nominated as a finalist in the Gold Coast Harvey Norman Woman of the Year 2020. With such strong fitness influences behind her, So, it’s little wonder, that Bella achieved what she put her mind to. In addition to the family support, Bella is first to attribute her success in bodybuilding to the incredible products and support from Gen-Tec Nutrition, as well as and her amazing coaches, who continued to put her through her pages to ensure she was in competition shape.

In addition to family support, Bella is quick to attribute her success to the incredible products of Gen-Tec Nutrition and support from her incredible coaches, who continued to put her through her pages and ensure she was competition ready.

“Gen-Tec Nutrition products are supplements I trust and personally have used from the very beginning of my fitness journey. l continue to use them into the future in-season and off-season. All products are top quality and truly work,.” says Bella.

What Gen-Ten Nutrition Supplements does Bella Davie use?

Gen-Tec Supplement Stack:

Pre Fasted Cardio: L-Carnitine + L-Taurine

During/Post Cardio:Amino Lean (Tropical Flavour is my favourite flavour)

Pre Weight Training: Psyched 2.0

During:Amino Lean or Essential Amino Acids

Post:Macro Pro 7 (Chocolate) or HydroPro + Glutamine

“I love that I can implement Amino Lean anywhere during the day when cravings occur. I blend it with ice and water and make a small tropical slushy. Prep life-saver!”

“Gen-Tec Nutrition has a versatile range of products aimed at enhancing performance and improving the quality of life for athletes of all fitness levels, from beginner to elite level and I encourage you all to try them.”

How did I get into bodybuilding?

“That’s a great question. Working in the fitness industry as a gym receptionist got my foot in the door. Personally, I loved seeing our members who compete in competitions walk into the gym every day as a 'regular' and watch the changes to their physique over the next 20 weeks or so. Also, My dad, Jon Davie, an IFBB Pro (Mr Olympia competitor) and gym owner also encouraged me to try this sport which has taught me so many amazing things.”'.

What was the best advice I've ever received?

“Throughout my bodybuilding career, I’ve received a lot of advice, but the best advice I was ever given was ‘Work hard in silence, let the success speak'.”

Music/books and podcasts?

I often listen to podcasts and two that I’ve found very inspirational were 'The Motivated Mind' - Episode 9 and 'Hunger - Finding That Drive'. I also read a bit, so the last book I read was 'Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable' by Tim Grover. He was a legendary trainer who took on greats like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. And when I’m working out, I like to listen to hip hop or rap.

I look forward to my next journey to the stage and I know I will have Gen-Tec Nutrition’s support along the way.

Nick Jones
Nick Jones

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