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When Home and Away returns to our screens on Monday night, you can expect the usual drama, plus a few new faces as the Parata family arrives in Summer Bay. New Zealand-born, Rob Kipa-Williams plays Ari Parata, alongside newcomers, Gemma Parata (played by Bree Peters), Tane Parata (played by Ethan Browne) and Nikau Parata (played by Kawakawa Fox-Reo)

Rob debuted in the 2019 Home and Away season finale and was caught up in the hospital siege, showing up in the emergency department after an accident at work. He finds himself comforting Marilyn (Emily Symons).

Being a new face in the Bay, the ex-Shortland Street and The Meg (2018) actor obviously wants to look his best on-screen (and who wouldn’t want that?!), so over the holidays, he’s taken on a 12-week body transformation to get shredded using Gen-Tec Nutrition supplements.

Founder of Gen-Tec Nutrition Nick Jones was approached by his good friend and 3x NABBA and Mr World, Charlie Duca, to help Rob transform his physique.

“When Charlie called me to discuss his client's (Rob Kipa-Williams) commitment to training and transforming his physique, I took a very keen interest. Not just because of Rob’s profile but for Charlie’s belief in him. It’s also great to show Gen-Tec Nutrition products help not only athletes, bodybuilders and bikini athletes but also professional musicians like Vince Contarino and showbiz personalities/actors such as Rob Kippa Williams achieve their best results”.

An outdoorsy guy who enjoys paddling and hiking, Rob has recently added gym workouts into his repertoire. After filming he's even been taking time out to centre himself by hiking up to the famous Palm Beach lighthouse.

Having a goal is important and while Rob’s not quite reached his goal of 93kg after staring out at 103kg, but he’s only a whisker away despite only being 9th week of his 12-week transformation. The results have been phenomenal taking place have to be seen to be believed—proof that with dedication and fuelling your body the right way will get you results.

Rob starting weight 103kg after nine weeks 95.5kg

Photo credit: @robkipawilliams/Instagram Left: 103kg and after nine weeks 95.5kg

Rob’s favourite product is the Hydro Pro WPI. “It’s almost no sugar, no fat and low to no carbs and only takes a few seconds to mix in with my morning oats with mixed berries and cashews. And I have a quick shake in between takes on set when I’m pushed for time.”


You can follow Rob on Instagram @robkipawilliams and stay up-to-date on the latest dramas in Summer Bay on Channel 7 from Monday night at 7.00pm. Look out Home and Away, the Kiwis are taking over!

Nick Jones
Nick Jones

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