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Ben Wortley

Australian and World Champion Bodybuilder

"Work hard in silence, let your success
make the noise."


Angie Jones

Australian Figure and Sports Model Champion

"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die tomorrow."


Joel Ramintas

Australian and World Champion Bodybuilder

"Put in the work and commit yourself to reap the rewards."


Nick Jones

Mr World, Mr Australasia, Mr Australia


"We miss opportunity because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like hard work." — Thomas A. Edison


Justin Wessels

Mr Southern Hemisphere, Mr Australia, 
Mr Australasia, Mr World (Masters)

Consistently keep it simple. Do the basics. 
Love the process."


Tim Martin

Australian and World Champion Bodybuilder

"Can’t find the motivation to get something done? Do it anyway. It’s called being committed. Long term success is about what you do when you’re not motivated."


Damon Hayhow

Recomp Founder - Australian Bodybuilding
and Power Lifting Champion

"Wrong does not cease to be wrong because the majority share in it." — Leo Tolstoy


Vesna Kouzan

Australasian Figure Champion

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory." —

Dr Seuss


Sue Metcalf

Champion Strong Woman,
IFBB Physique Champion

"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will." — Mahatma Gandhi


Nathan Wallace

Australian and World Champion Bodybuilder

"Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen." — Michael Jordan


Jordan Steffens

Australian Strongman Champion

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts."


Ryan Williams

2017 GPC Powerlifting Champion U125kg

"Everyone is born with a certain number of Max lifts. Why waste them at the gym? Do them on the platform." — Ed Coan


Justin Firgaira

Natural Mr Universe, Mr Olympia, Mr Australia

"If you want something you never had you have to do something you have never done."


Amy Fox

IFBB Physique Pro

"Resiliency comes from building a strong foundation of healthy habits."