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Meet Alex Simon: Gen-Tec Nutrition’s very own Godzilla—he’s in beast mode with his next goal to be the Ultimate Fighting Champion.

If you can dream it, you can do it.” —Walt Disney

Alex Simon knew from an early age he wanted to be a professional athlete and nothing else mattered. He always instinctively knew he was going to achieve his dreams, but it was pure grit and determination that got him to where he is today—once titleholder of Australia’s strongest man and soon to be heavyweight UFC. Of course, we can’t forget the ultimate title of pro athlete on Team  Gen-Tec.

Gen-Tec.Founder of Gen-Tec Nutrition a little awestruck by heavyweight Alex Simon

Founder of  Gen-Tec Nutrition, Nick Jones is constantly amazed by the dedication and tenacity Alex brings to the table. “He’s an absolute legend, incredible, a beast of a man and I honestly don’t know how he does it,” Nick said sounding a little awestruck, and who can blame him? What Alex has achieved thus far is phenomenal. So here at Gen-Tec Nutrition headquarters, we thought we’d catch up with the one and only  Alex Simon and find out more about his future aspirations.

Alex Simon inspired by Mike Tyson

“Ever since I was younger I always wanted to be the one per cent, I always wanted to be the guy people talked about saying he's a beast, he's a machine, he's an animal. I looked up to Mike Tyson and would listen to his interviews on repeat and hear about how people spoke about him being an animal, being ferocious and I always wanted to follow in those footsteps.”

While Alex’s fighting inspiration is Mike Tyson (and no, there’s no warrior-like facial tattoos or offers to be in the Hangover Part 4), Alex also draws inspiration to succeed from his two sons.

“I want to succeed so they say my dad is the best fighter in the world, that’s kinda cool!”

From powerlifting to mixed martial arts

Alex Simon wasn’t always a Powerlifter. He started out playing rugby league but then made the switch to powerlifting, securing the all-Australian record after only starting the sport two and a half years earlier. Now he’s turned his hand to MMA/Kickboxing and has an unblemished record; all wins by way of first-round knockout. Undoubtedly his future opponents are quaking in their shoes.

The desire to branch into MMA stems from a love of boxing during his formative years. It was in his mid-teens, he started watching UFC and got hooked. “I knew right then when I first laid eyes on the sport that was what I was going to do.”

“I started training when I was 15 and had my first MMA fight the following year, I was only a boxer at the time of my first fight and luckily knocked out my 30-year-old opponent with my boxing skills, not bad for a 16-year-old.”

Alex Simon in the ring

All eyes will be on Alex, November 30 when he takes to the ring for a Gladiator’s Fight Night in St Mary’s, NSW. He has the support of his family, who understand Alex’s desire to have a fighting career. “Obviously Mum and my wife get nervous before a fight, but they know I’m committed, so are very supportive.”

Alex currently competes in the super heavyweight division. He’s dropped from 181kgs down to 140kg, with a goal to get to 120kg early next year as that’s the UFC’s heavyweight limit.

Alex Simon supplements his body with Gen-Tec Nutrition products

A large part of Alex’s training routine includes fuelling his body with supplements that work. And that’s where the  Gen-Tec Nutrition family comes into play. When it comes to Alex’s favourite Gen-Tec product, he can’t go past P2P Intra Workout. For anyone new to Gen-Tec’s range of workout supplements the P2P stands for Power to Perform. It’s a formula specially designed for bodybuilders and strength training athletes. Consuming P2P while you’re working out makes sure your working muscles get the essential nutrients they need. It also comes in some great flavours—orangetropicalappleblueberry, and grape.

“I often used to get light-headed during my workout and after trying Gen-Tec’s P2P that stopped instantly. I had more energy during my session and felt great after,” Alex said.

When Walt Disney said “If you can dream it, you can do it,” he surely must’ve been talking about Alex Simon.

Alex Simon: Where to from here?“

I told everyone I was going to be the strongest Australian in history before I started the sport of powerlifting and I did that in over just two years of training. I have now told everyone I will be the UFC champion of the world before my 30th birthday in four years' time. I have had five fights with my longest fight lasting 30 seconds, include the 10-second count. I back up my words with my actions.”

Watch this space.

Gen-Tec Nutrition
Gen-Tec Nutrition

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