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Based on 127 reviews
Amazing ALCA Fuel

Ive been trialing this product for a few weeks now which I typically consume 20mins prior to training.
Ive experienced increased focus, mood and energy. It has assisted greatly with my mental game to refocus and remain active during the adversities of lockdown.
I confidently recommened this product for those who habitually train and require a boost to remain on track with their fitness goals and general wellbeing.


Great stuff gets me hypo ready to go

Psyched 3.1

So far I've had the strawberry n kiwi and the bubblegum flavours. Both great giving loads of energy and no crash. Even better when blended with a banana water and ice ! Lockdown cocktail !

Casein Custard Protein Banana
Dimitrios Lentros
Best casein protein money can buy

The ultimate in casein protein. Great taste ( banana ) and filled with aminos to help you get the results you train hard for !

Bright and comfortable

Wanting my own ray of sunshine during a dark cold Melbourne winter lockdown and what better way than to buy a beautiful comfortable yellow hoodie. Its warm snuggly and puts a smile on my dial. Delivery was prompt and purchasi g was easy Thank you Gen Tec 😊


Great product after drinking tr3 you feel recharged & could actually go train again.

Pure Colostrum 150g / 200g

Tank top

Great to deal with great product and great fitting.

Very good

I have been using Man-fuel for 2 weeks now I'm noticing a difference I recommend this product.

Awesome product

Great taste, great recovery, great product!!

Hydro Pro Whey Protein Isolate Chocolate

GEN-TEC T-Shirt Black
Jono Randle
Love the shirt

Really good quality shirts will get more 😃👍

Great fit, and cool look

The jumper looks so good! However the quality is a tad questionable. The inside yellow part fluffs everywhere and is peeling, however the jumper looks so good, just don’t wash it often, and keep the product looked after :)))

Delicious & Nutritious

This is the best hands down my last meal of the day Casein Custard Protein Coconut Cream I mix 40grams with 180grams of Chobani and 20grams of Macadamia nuts

Gentec supps are my partner in a healthier lifestyle of solid gains

Product and Service Review

I have used Gen Tec before after recommendations from one of the Companies Ambassadors, Ben Wortley, who has been my Coach for the 2013, and 2016 Seasons.
I am very particular about what i use and will always prefer to use GENTEC.
Great products and great service.

Tank top

Excellent quality very happy with it 👍

Love this, consistently excellent product - I have half of my friends on to this to help them stay full at night - wipes out any cravings.

Ultimate Male Fuel 120 Capsules

Gen-tech t shirt

Love the shirt, material is amazing and comfy. I've bought a couple now and will be getting some more.

Whey nitro tech

Excellent highly recomend this product excellent protein one of the best proteins I've used in 10yrs

Great tasting, great results


My wife has been using this and she loves it. Taste awsome. I rate all Gen-Tec products highly they are awesome 👍💪

Pre workout

Great product, no crash!

Long time buyer

I don't use this as a body building supplement but rather as a way to manage my health.
I spoke to Nick many years ago about the EAA as it is a blend that appears to be very well suited to supporting kidneys for those with chronic kidney disease or CKD. CKD usually means limiting biological protein intake and the EAA is an excellent supplement to assist in providing a source of the building blocks for protein that are gentle on the kidneys.

Muscle tank

Super comfy and fits well. Looks amazing on and it's not restrictive while training. Thought it was that good I bought my husband some more.