Meet Laura ‘Pocketrocket’ Sgro

Posted by Gen-Tec Nutrition on 6th Sep 2019

Hi Laura! Congrats on being the latest member of Team Gen-Tec. Welcome to the team. Can you introduce yourself to our audience?Hi! My name is Laura Sgro — soon to be Laura Tedeschi — also known as … read more
Big Strength: Jordan 'Biggie' Steffens

Big Strength: Jordan 'Biggie' Steffens

Posted by Jordan Steffens on 6th Sep 2019

In July 2018, Gen-Tec Nutrition athlete and champion strongman Jordan ‘Biggie’ Steffens successfully pulled an 80-tonne Qantas 737, just weeks after pulling 155-tonne train. We speak to him about hi … read more